2018 Exclusive Scene: Stormy Daniels Secret Affair

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The genitals of Trump, uncovered: the last 'cartridge' of Stormy Daniels The porn star has threatened to publish more intimate details of his alleged relationship with the president. According to her lawyer, she can tell how magnate intimate parts are. The porn star Stormy Daniels (39) is still up in arms and defending the alleged sexual relationship she had in 2006 with the now US president, Donald Trump (71). After cross-claims and alleged extortion, Daniels has once again stepped up after an interview on the 60-minute CBS show. In that space, she claimed that she sued the president to nullify the confidentiality pact that prevented her from speaking about an alleged relationship she had with him in the past, as well as revealing the death threats to which she was subjected. After her speech, the lawyer of the actress, Michael Avenatti, maintains that she has a few tricks up her sleeve. Her war has only just begun: "She is prepared to talk about intimate details related to Trump, she can describe her genitals and several conversations that had no doubts about whether this woman is telling the truth."

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