[Erotica X] Esperanza Del Horno (Teenage housemaid Esperanza Del Horno is tempted by boss)

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Charming Latina high schooler Esperanza Del Horno has low maintenance work as a housemaid to pay for school. This day Esperanza spills espresso on her garments unintentionally. She sends grimy garments in clothes washer and begins cleaning the house all exposed, listening music in earphones. Manager gets back home prior and looks at his young colorful housemaid absolutely naked vacuuming in family room. He acts like a man of his word and covers Esperanza with his coat. That honorable demonstration makes Esperanza wet in a moment or two. She can't battle her inclination and kisses supervisor. Minute later petite Latina excellence cums on manager's tongue, accepting dazzling cunnilingus. He screws youthful Esperanza teacher style and bores her teenager pussy doggystyle balls profound. She enthusiastically rides huge white dick vis-à-vis and in turn around cowgirl present. She winds up lying on sofa with her stomach shrouded in sperm.

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