[Reality kings] Jazzi (A Well-Deserved Load)

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Hot Ebony high schooler Jazzi is prepared to go out with her companions, however her dad doesn't favor of her provocative outfit. Truth be told, he disallows her from going out just before driving off to a conference, which leaves the high schooler in an irate state. A couple of minutes after the fact, there's' a thump at the entryway. Persuaded this is her dad returning, Jazzi goes to open the entryway yet is joyfully shocked to see Robby Echo, her dad's business relate. Robby can't take his eyes off the skanky teenager's huge round ass and snaps a pic of it with his cellphone! At the point when Jazzi gets him, she offers him to investigate, so Robby pushes his face between her ideal butt cheeks and licks her tight wet pussy! At that point, Jazzi folds her delicious lips over Robby's rooster just before they fuck against the kitchen counter!

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