[Reality kings] Lucy Heart (Used By Everyone)

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Lucy is super horny and needs to fuck! In the wake of stroking off in her sex swing, she requests that her sweetheart Chad join her, however Chad has welcomed his mates, John and Raul, to come watch the diversion. Scandalous Lucy isn't going to give Chad's refusal a chance to stop her mission to get fucked! Whille Chad is caught up with watching the diversion, the horny prostitute figures out how to suck both of his amigo's roosters in the face of his good faith! At that point, she comes back to her adored sex swing where she sits tight for John and Raul to join her! The men alternate fingering and licking Lucy's dribbling wet pussy while keeping her calm by pushing a major rooster in her mouth! Be that as it may, in spite of their best endeavors, Lucy can't contain her groans, which alarms Chad that something is going on. He wanders into the room where he is stunned to find his young lady getting spit-broiled by his two best buds! That is when Lucy reveals to him she needs the entirety of her gaps filled and Chad is the missing chicken she was seeking after! So he's upbeat to participate and gangbang his sweetheart with his two best buds while she hangs in the sex swing!

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Lucy Heart   Double-Penetration   Blonde   British   Lingerie   Stockings   Cheating   Foursome   From-Behind   Hardcore   Party   Fun   Group   Young   European   Girlfriend   Gangbang   Slut   Sex  








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